Broken keys in lock

Nothing can be more aggravating than a breaking key once you turn it inside the lock. Unexpectedly, you’re stuck with an seemingly unsolvable problem and it leaves you unable to get into your home or car. Of course, this never happens at a convient time. Fortunately, you can call on the service of Locksmith to assist you in such situations. Our expert locksmiths will arrive at your location within 20 minutes of your call and assist you with the trouble at hand. Broken keys inside locks will cause no problem for our experienced locksmiths. Don’t hesitate to use our 24/7 emergency service, for we know exactly how to assist with adequate support.

Emergency service in opening locks

It can happen to anyone: a key breaking upon turning it inside your front door lock. Suddenly, you are unable to enter your own home and this is, in the least, inconvenient. Even more troublesome, when this happens during the winter time or in the middle of the night when you have been out and ready to go home. In the most favorable situation, you are able to tweeze out the remaining part of the key out of the lock to open it with a spare key.

However, if you fail to remove the broken part of the key, you can call in the support of our locksmiths. The lock will need to be cut open in a professional way, as not to damage the lock further. If necessary the old lock will be removed completely and replaced with a new cylinder lock. This way your front door can be closed properly again and you will be safe from burglary attempt

Replacing locks after broken key

It is not always possible to safe the lock when a key is broken inside of it while turning. The lock itself may be aging and subject to wear and tear. Or the key can simply not be removed properly from the lock. In such situation it is best to have the entire lock replaced. Changing locks can be favorable to leaving the old ones in. Technology is improving and better locks appear on the market to protect your home from burglary. When a key breaks inside the lock, it is worth considering changing the locks altogether. You can profit from the latest models and have them installed by our specialized team of locksmiths.

Installing new locks

Lokhsmith 24/7

Locksmith offers excellent service for fair prices. We can open any lock for you within minutes, causing no additional damage to your doors or windows. You can reach us 7 days a week and 24 hours a day and will arrive within as little as 20 minutes in case of an emergency to open or install new locks. We can install an anti-core pulling fitting or anti-burglary strips to make sure no unwanted visitors can get access to your home. Especially after a broken key inside your front door lock, it is advisable to have the locks replaced to ensure optimal safety.

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