Prevention of burglary

If you decide to replace the locks on your doors with new ones to ensure optimal security, you can call on Locksmith to install them for you. Most locks eventually break or lose the ability to keep unwanted visitors out properly, due to wear and tear or aging. It will become a lot easier for burglars to enter your home when you least expect it.

Of course, it is also adviceable to have your locks upgraded to the latest inventions to ensure optimal security in a time and age when burglars become more and more inventive. A proper prevention of burglary can assist in making your home optimally safe again. It is vital to have your locks replaced at the right time. Our locksmiths at Locksmith 24-7 can advice you on which locks are most suitable for your situation.

24/7 Service at Locksmith

You can call on the support of Locksmith 24 hours a day, 7 days in the week. In case of an emergency our locksmiths will arrive at your door within as little as 20 minutes to assist you in your time of need. Whether you need the locks to your business property replaced or to your home, Locksmith 24-7 can provide proper assistance, even in the middle of the night. Many companies have enjoyed our service and profit from excellent safety measures, installed to secure their premises. Our locksmiths can do the same for you and will install locks that have received the SKG quality mark. This will keep out any unwanted visitors or burglars without a doubt.

A professional locksmith keeps up with new inventions and technologies to ensure optimal security to homes and businesses. Locks that were installed years ago simply won’t meet current regulations and need to be replaced with newer versions. We still see an increase in the amount of burglaries that take place in the Netherlands. Which is why is important to install proper locks to secure your home. Better safe than sorry. Dealing with the aftermath of an unfortunate burglary to your home can cause a lot of despair, both materially and emotionally. Installing state of the art newer locks will prevent you from experiencing such tragic events.

Procedures for burglary prevention

Our locksmith at Locksmith 24-7 will properly navigate through your home to detect any weak spots where it is easy for burglars to enter your home. Our experts will check the condition of your exising locks to access its durability. We will discuss all possible risks and provide you with convincing alternatives in case it is necessary to ensure a higher level of security. Our experts will install additional lock or replace your older locks when these won’t provide you with accurate security anymore. Our locksmith can provide you with expert advice and install proper security measures to offer optimal safety.

Installing anti-cor pullnig fitting or anti-burglary strips

Lokhsmith 24/7

Keeping up with the latest method in burglary, our locksmiths can install an anti-core pulling fitting to your doors. Burglars use the core pull method to get access to your home. By placing a steel screw into the cylinder, many doors can be opened within the blink of an eye. The cylinder can be pulled out easily, giving burglars quick access to your home. Our locksmith can install an anti-core pulling fitting to prevent this method from being successful. Critical locations need to be ensured with anti-burglary strips as well. Locksmith can assist in installing these anti-burglary methods.

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