Remove broken key from door lock?

Broken key locked outside

Remove broken key from door lock?

When a key breaks off in the door lock, those involved are often at a loss.

broken key in the lock need locksmith

After all, it does not happen every day that a key just breaks off, but if you tighten it too tightly, it can happen quickly.

Locksmith 24-7  is an expert for all questions related to keys, door locks, door openings, security technology and Co. and is regularly commissioned to open the door when a key has broken off in the lock.


  • 1How can a key break off in the lock?
  • 2This is how to remove the broken key from your lock:

How can a key break off in the lock?

Basically, any key can break off in the lock if too much pressure is applied when opening it, this applies to the key of a flat door, a bicycle lock, a padlock or a tool shed.

Normally, all that remains of the broken key is the so-called key blade, which sits in the lock.

If this cannot be removed, the entire lock has to be replaced or you can hire a locksmith like Locksmith 24-7  to remove the broken part of the key.

We give you some tips and tricks you can use to try to remove the stuck part of the key yourself before hiring a locksmith to open the door.

This is how you remove the broken key from your lock:

For the following working steps, you need not only patience but also a lot of sensitivity.

For a key to be pulled out of the lock, it must be in a vertical starting position.

To bring the key into this position, you need to be particularly careful and cautious, otherwise the key can only slide deeper into the lock and it will be all the more difficult to remove the broken key itself.

The easiest way to get a broken key out of a lock

is to push the key out of the lock from the other side.

But beware: this method only works if you have a double-sided door lock and a second key for the lock.

In this context, you should leave a spare key with friends, relatives or neighbours beforehand, which you can access in this situation.

If you are handy, you can use a saw blade to push out the broken key.

The saw blade should engage accordingly and the key should be pushed out of the lock with a jerking motion.

You can also use a small, fine screwdriver to remove the broken-off key.

This is located at the bottom and should be pointed at one of the notches in the key blade so that the key can be pulled forward and grabbed with pliers or tweezers.

This process can also be done with a paperclip or needle.

If all else fails and you cannot manage to remove the broken key, the only solution is to hire a locksmith like

We will take care of removing the broken key from the lock, replace the lock if necessary and make sure you can re-enter your house or flat in no time.

Just call us and we will send you a door opening specialist who will handle your personal request.


If you need a locksmith, call us. We will help!

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Locksmith 24/7 will assist you in making your home burglary proof. We will give you free and solid advice for your personal situation.


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You can contact us 24 hours a day. Our qualified locksmith will arrive at your doorstep within only 20 minutes.


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Did you leave your key inside the car and then closed it? Our qualified technician will open your car door for you quickly, avoiding all damage.


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It can be quite a hassle when sliding doors won’t open anymore. Fortunately, our locksmiths can offer you solid solutions.


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Is your cylinder or multi-point lock broken? Our locksmiths can repair any locks or replace your old ones if necessary.


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A broken key poses no problem for our locksmiths. Locksmith 24/7  will provide the right solution for each situation.


About Locksmith 24-7

Are you experiencing problems with your keys of did you lock yourself out? Locksmith will assist you professionally with regard to any problems related to keys and locks. Our professional locksmiths can open or replace any lock without damage.

Furthermore, they can provide you with information and advise on how to secure your house or business premises against burglary. A team of experts solve any problems relating to locks and have enjoyed training to back up their knowledge and skills. You can count on their assistance at a very fair price.

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While going out I had lost my keys. Locksmith 24/7 arrived very shortly at my appartement to let me in. I also had all of my locks replaced. Excellent service, during midnight hours.

Roxanna Visser


After a door break-in try I immediately called the locksmith to have safety locks installed. Thereafter i had received excellent advice and was able to choose from many securtity options. I feel much safer now in my own home.

M. van Beek 


After a day out to Artis Zoo we found ourselves locked out of our car. The key was still inside the vehicle. Fortunately, the locksmith arrived quickly and opened the door for us, so we could drive home. Again, thank you so much!

Family de Vliet

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Can you recover locksmith’s costs from your landlord?

Whether you can have your landlord pay for locksmith’s costs, depends on the situation and your lease agreement. If you can prove that the lock broke due to aging or a manufacturing error, you can inform your landlord. However, did you simply lose your keys or leave them inside, then you will most likely have to pay yourself.

When will the landlord be held accountable?

When damage occurs to a lock that is used by all renters, then the landlord will need to solve the issue. Door locks to central areas in an office space or appartment building are good examples. If you call on locksmith services yourself, then all costs will fall on you.

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do with a rusty key?

There is a clear answer to this question: replace your keys. A rusty key is more likely to break inside its lock or to get stuck. This is why you should always replace them. Once broken, it is difficult to remove it from the lock. Usually you need to call in a locksmith and pay more than when you buy a new key. Be smart and buy a new key before trouble happens.

Should I always turn the key to close my front door?

We highly recommend you do. A door will close, but not seal properly when it falls into its lock. Turning the key will provide additional security and prevent burglars from entering your home. Also close your windows and doors by using the appropriate key.

Can I call at any time?

Locksmith 24/7 is available day and night. In emergency situations we will arrive at your door within 20 minutes of your call. Even on weekends and in the middle of the night. Don’t ever hesitate to call us.

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